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Land Restoration Sites Required for Organic Waste Recycling Contracts in 2011 If you operate, Landfills, Quarries, Derelict Land, Forestry / Energy Crop Land then contact our Restoration Team to discuss your site in more detail

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Sanderson Environmental provide a range of land restoration services to clients across the UK.We work with many of the leading landfill operators assisting in the restoration of closed landfill sites - Transforming them into fully restored green open spaces for leisure and wildlife habitats to establish.

Brownfield Sites:

Working with developers and construction clients we also provide our land restoration services to remediate brown field land back to a commercial standard. We supply both soils and organic materials along with a full contracting service to place and incorporate all materials on site to meet the restoration & planning conditions.

Forestry & Bio Mass Crop Sites:

Sanderson Environmental supply a range of organic wastes which are suitable for use on forestry and Bio mass land. These organic wastes provide a range of beneficial nutrients to successfully establish forestry crops and energy crops such as short rotational coppice and Miscanthus.

What our services include:

Landfill Diversion - Organic Wastes:

Sanderson Environmental operate a network of Land resotration sites which utilize a range of beneficial organic wastes to remediate soils. Our services provide our clients with an extremley cost effective alternative to landfill disposal for wastes which have an organic content and can be of use on land resotration sites to restore low grade soils for ecological improvment.

Land Restoration Site Network

We have a network of long term land restoration sites located in the Thames Valley region which can receive high volumes of organic wastes such as sewage sludge, composts, and soils, Strategically located around the M25 corridor, to minimise haulage expenditure for clients. All our organic waste recycling sites have purpose built access for safe lorry movments, fully trained plant operatives on site to manage the delivery and incorporation of waste on the restoration area.

All our organic waste recycling sites are fully permitted by the Environment Agency and operate to strict health & safety and environmental protection policies.

Services we provide

Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits to the Water Utility Industry

Sanderson Environmental operate a growing network of dedicated land restoration sites for the waste water utility industry across the South East,Midlands and South West regions,which enables us to provide extremely cost effective and environmentally sustainable alternatives to landfill disposal for organic waste streams and soils produced by utility clients.

Some of the most common organic waste materials we currently divert from landfill are:

The demand for our organic waste landfill diversion services over the past 2 years has risen dramatically as the waste water industry looks to significantly reduce their waste disposal costs, landfill tax increases year by year and the negative environmental affects sending organic waste to landfill generates means utilizing our land restoration facilities, provides utility clients with considerably lower disposal spend along with generating environmental benefits, by diverting beneficial organic wastes to land restoration for ecological improvement.

To discuss recycling your organic wastes to our sites please get in touch with us using the customer enquiry form.

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