Organic Waste Recycling Services

Sanderson Environmental use specialist farm based land recycling sites for suitable organic food and drink industry wastes, providing clients with an extremely cost effective and sustainable disposal solution for liquid wastes. Each site is located at strategic and planned locations in order to minimise unnecessary road miles transporting the relevant wastes prior to land application.

All our land recycling sites hold waste exemption certification as permitted from the Environment Agency. Organic liquid wastes are a sustainable replacement to artificial fertilisers. Recycling organic liquid wastes to land provides many benefits such as reduced disposal costs for the waste producer and a reduction in fertiliser expense for the farmer.

Sanderson Environmental employ it's own BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomist who provides specialist advice on the crop nutrient benefits available from a wide range of organic wastes which are recycled back to agriculture.

Waste streams that can be suitable for this route include wastes from the food and drink industries such as ice cream, beer, and soft drinks, compost leachate and waste water treatment sludge to name but a few.

With increasing pressure to slow down climate change and the introduction of the Landfill Directive, businesses need to re-evaluate the way they dispose of their waste. New legislation is a compelling issue that businesses cannot ignore and perhaps customers further down the supply chain may well apply pressure to your business to comply with new standards.

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The Fertiliser Advisors Certification and Training Scheme Association for Organics Recycling
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